Responsible Tourism 

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Plastic straws

We have banned straws and cocktail stirrers across our fleet. With the type of people we have working across our group, this core value is one which sparks emotion and imagination in equal measure. We are always searching for ways to improve our contribution to improving and sustaining the environment. It's one small step of many to come.

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Plastic bottles


All single-use plastic water bottles have been removed from our Red Sea fleet. This means that ALL 500ml personal bottles and ALL 1.5L shared meal bottles are no longer used or offered on board. We invite you to become part of the solution in fighting the growing plastic problem, by bringing your own personal water bottle for your holiday. 

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Supporting communities

We have built up dedicated relationships with local providers for food supplies, scuba diving services, marine mechanics, merchandise production, laundry and ground services. This provides a reliable income stream to support their business growth. We train all of our Egyptian staff, not only within their job roles, but also in scuba diving as well as; search rescue and emergency procedures.

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Clean up dives

All our Egypt boats are equipped with basic clean up kits, including net bags and gloves. This gives our guests the opportunity to do something positive for the environment on a regular basis – a small amount each week can make a huge difference over a year.

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Project Shark

The aim of 'Project Shark' is to highlight the global issues facing sharks as well as enjoying some of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. Our 'Project Shark' itineraries are now available in the Red Sea, Maldives, and Galapagos, with our host Paul Vinten.

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Manta Trust Expeditions

Formed in 2011, the Manta Trust is a charity that co-ordinates global mobula research and conservation efforts. Through a combination of research, education and collaboration, the Manta Trust’s mission is to conserve mobula rays, their relatives and their habitats. The team is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, conservationists, educators and media experts all working together to share and promote knowledge and expertise. 

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