Before opening our online shop, we committed to providing high quality products which mirror our ethos in protecting the environment. We thought hard about how we can contribute and came up with our Organic Clothing Range. 

The cotton in this range is naturally grown, without the use of pesticides, so there is less harmful pollution going into the soil. Rain water is used to water the fields so there is also less pressure on local supplies of water. 

Being an organic product doesn't have to take away from quality. Teaming up with Stanley/Stella means we're providing the very best in organic clothing.

Print on Demand 

Our clothing, hats, and anything with the Blue O Two logo are custom made to each order which is known as print on demand. We've chosen this method because it reduces unnecessary product waste putting less pressure on our planet.  Due to every item being printed to order, it means they are non returnable. We have tried to be as transparent as possible and written this information in all relevant product descriptions. Please check you're happy before purchasing. 

In our jewellery and candle range we have sourced small, individual suppliers to provide these products. We want to support the 'support small companies' ethos even online. Every time you place an order for one of these products you make an individual smile. 

We hope you love our products as much as we do. 

FREE SHIPPING to UK on all orders over £75