Specialising in liveaboard and resort-based scuba diving holidays, we at Blue O Two are pleased to offer a range of exciting worldwide diving opportunities. Creating inspirational experiences is what we're all about and we work with the best people in the industry to make this happen.

Explore the world-famous reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea, or journey to the magical Maldives in the Indian Ocean on board the blue o two fleet vessels. Venture to the Pacific Ocean to the maritime museums of Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll, the unique archipelagos of Palau and French Polynesia, or the untouched Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Experience marine biodiversity at its finest in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, or take on the trip of a lifetime to the Americas; choose from the idyllic Bahamas, the iconic Galapagos or visit the country of ultimate contrast, Mexico.

Our expert travel team are always happy to help and as keen divers themselves, have the knowledge and experience required to find your perfect scuba diving holiday!


The Judge


“This collection of fabulous winning images reminds me why I love being underwater and going on diving adventures. It was a tough contest to judge because it was more than just an underwater picture competition, Diving Life was created for amateur photographers to share their love of diving, with pictures taken both above and below the surface. When judging I gave equal weighting to the feeling captured in the images and their photographic technique and quality. 

For me, all the winners capture the highs of dive trips: encounters with incredible creatures both big and small, amazing moments underwater, spending time with friends, visiting incredible places and having fun.  

Special congratulations to the overall winner Masayuki Agawa from the USA, whose white knuckle image Hammer River will immediately transport anyone who has dived with hammerheads in the East Pacific back on those dives. The hammerhead schools are regularly most spectacular when the currents are fierce and the advice from the National Park guides is to stay low and hold onto the rocks, as anyone floating up in the water will spook the sharks. The picture places me right in the moment of this unforgettable experience as the hammerhead school magically materialises from the blue.”